About Us

America’s water is at a crossroads. For years, the world looked to the United States as a leader in scientific and economic water management, and sought to emulate the nation’s approach to water development. Today, however, the United States has no policy or strategic planning process for the management of this crucial resource at the national level. The America’s Water initiative, led by the Columbia Water Center, aims to address the great water infrastructure challenge by re-examining the issues of public-private investment in water systems and outlining the potential for radical technical design and infrastructure management innovations, with the ultimate goal of restoring America’s global leadership in infrastructure design and water management in the farms, cities, and watercourses of the future.

As part of this vision, we are building an inclusive digital community to share visions of what water security, water sustainability, and water justice might look like in the United States of America, the Americas, and beyond. If you have a bold idea to share with our readers, we welcome thoughtful contributions from the community – see our contribution guide.

This website is currently managed by James Doss-Gollin through weak consensus with members of the Columbia Water Center and with contributions from other authors. All voices are welcome to contribute an article.